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Andrew - The Mansion Furniture LLC said:   July 5th, 2012 12:24 pm

"​ I found Speedy Furniture Repair via google , and hired them for a quick repair. They were on time and they were very professional. I was actually surprised by how well the repair turned out. They will definitely see more business from me in the future. I highly recommend them!"

Debra Beneker said:   April 10th, 2012 6:16 pm

"Thanks for repairing the broken frame on my leather couch. It is so helpful that you provide pickup and delivery. You were on time and gave me a fair price for the repair, cleaning, conditioning and redying of my leather couch. I was impressed at how carefully you wrapped my couch for transport to your shop. The work was completed on time and my couch was safely delivered back to me looking brand new. You even added more filling to the back cushions. Again thanks for a job well done Speedy Furniture Repair!"

Office: (602)285-0219

​1042 E. Indian School Rd, Phoenix, 85014

Deb Boyd Said: ​​June 10th, 2014 2:15 am

"Back in 2012  I was looking for a new table and chairs for my kitchen area because the current table was in need of replacing. The area in the kitchen is of limited space and I was having a very difficult time finding a replacement. After months of searching I thought  “well maybe I should just get it redone”. This was needed because one afternoon my nieces where doing their nails at the table and forgot to put down some newspaper. Needless to say, the cotton balls with nail polish remover not only removed their nail polish but also the finish on the table. I went out on the internet looking for a reputable company to do the work. Came across Speedy Furniture repair, saw some pictures and read the testimonies of a few clients. So its October 2013, gave them a call made an appointment to see if it was possible to repair the table and have it completed by Thanksgiving. They were on time and very efficient. The table was ready in time, like it was promised, arriving 3 days before Thanksgiving. I could not believe my eyes, the  table and chairs where beautiful and matched the new butler’s pantry that had been added to the eating area. This just made my day because the table is a 48 x48 and I have made all the holiday tablecloths for this table and was so happy that I would be able to continuing using. I was a very happy camper. Well, a year had gone by since they completed the work on the table and know I had another project (June 2013). My Grandmother,99 1/2 years old had passed away and had a  piece of furniture/secretary that had been moved from Alabama to Tennessee to its final resting place, Arizona. You can imagine what the dry heat, swamp cooler in the early days had done to it and the many hours all of us grandkids using it to color or play post office. It was piece that I felt it was worth restoring to keep in the family and pass it down to future generations.  So, there was no question on who I was going to call. Speedy Furniture Repair to the rescue. They were willing to come to my house and then travel a few blocks over to my Grandmother’s condo to give me an estimate and take it to the shop. They also agreed to when it was finished to deliver it to my sister’s home. Talk about easy to do service with, arrive on time, project was completed on time and delivered to its new home. When they took it upstairs to my younger sisters house she  could not believe her eyes. With tears swelling up she thanked you from the bottom of her heart, it was a check that I was glad to  write. It also had a desk chair not originally part of it, but Speedy matched it up with the secretary and looks like it always belonged to it. They definitely know their craft and take great pride in restoring the furniture. Made my day and I am sure my Grandmother was smiling down from heaven. Well, now it is June 2014 and I have another project. An elderly friend of ours is relocating from California to the east coast to be near her family and had given us some of her antique furniture for us and our niece who will be getting married this August. Guess who I am calling to restore this old fashion trunk. You right, Speedy Furniture Repair. I have an appointment this Friday and I know it will be another great experience and will make for a nice wedding gift to the niece having it restored to be able to use the trunk for  years to come. Thanks again,Deb Boyd Very satisfied customer"

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